Polish Technical Aspect

Beyond Community brings passionate developers together to push each other to reach a common goal. We learn technical skills together and encourage each other until an end-product could be produced.

Increase our Value

Beyond Community will also take on projects given by industry partners and use them to test drive our technical skills. Developers will be able to showcase their skills and benefit from this experience.

Sharing is Caring

Beyond Community hopes to adopt a culture where we can teach each other and share our experiences. Furthermore, Beyond will try to bring in Dev Mentors to teach or guide members in Beyond Community.

Our Own Workspace

Beyond aim’s to gain support from IMDA and open up a Co-Workspace for our very own usage.

Learning Hours
Cups of Coffees

Amazing Team of Developers

We work together as a team to reach a common goal. Supporting each other when lost & expand our skillset.

Industry Projects

Skills learned at Beyond can be applied towards today’s industry needs. Furthermore, Beyond receives projects from SME & MNC for us to handle.

Learn what you Desire

Beyond Community will consolidate everyone’s goal and split us into teams to work together. We will also set deadlines to push ourselves to learn as quickly and as efficient as possible.

Why Join Beyond Community?

  • ✨No Obligations
  • ✨Free and Easy
  • ✨Positive Attitude
  • ✨Friendly Community
  • ✨Increase Your Network
  • ✨Potential Industry Projects
  • ✨Learn more than what you were taught in school

Beyond’s Objectives

Skills we wish to impart in us